Who We Are

LOCALiQ Sports  is more than just incentive trips and good times. We believe in creating business results. If you’re looking to sell tickets for an event, branding your products and services or increasing sales, our team of experts can help you succeed!  We’ll help your business target the right audience at the right time on the right platform. 

Event Marketing Solutions*

Increase Event Attendance with Our Event Marketing Solutions

Revenue Attribution

See how your sales match to specific advertisements and understand where revenue is coming from and how to optimize advertising budgets in the future.

Search Engine Marketing

Market your business to the people looking for local products or services like yours.

Email marketing

Direct Email lets us build your email marketing campaigns and expand your customer base.

Video Advertising

Visually connect with consumers using compelling videos to tell your business’s story.

Social Ads

Establish your business on two of the largest social channels. Reach your target audience where they already spend much of their time – on Facebook and Instagram

Search/Site retargeting

Focus your advertising efforts on people who’ve expressed interest in your business, but did not convert.

Programmatic display

Utilize real-time bidding capabilities to purchase an ad impression when the user has the highest likelihood to engage.

Connected TV

Target and retarget all users who stream video through popular televisions networks.

*Each event has custom event pricing and can be built based upon client needs

Athlete Websites & Branding

Elevate Your Website Game with LOCALiQ’s Athlete Platforms

Content automatically scales Completely responsive website so content automatically scales for all devices.

Social Media Integration

Automatically add social links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

Access to analytics

Website, marketing and lead reporting all in one location for easy access.

Website Maintenance

1 hour of ongoing maintenance each month from our experienced Customer Support team.

Domain Registration

A personalized domain can be purchased if needed.

SEO Optimized

Built-in SEO allowing your site to rank higher in organic searches

Additional Services

Weekly Social Graphics
Let your fans know when you’ll be on the field, course, or track with custom graphics for social media.